We offer on this page a perspective, a vision and a strategy to transition from today’s status quo to a sustainable, happy, and cohesive global community with regional solutions.

Regional Solutions, A Way Forward

  • Big Federal Government
    • We believe our federal government has become too large and has begun to tread on the little guy. As a result, sovereign rights of both the State and citizen have been jeopardized. It is time to give the power back to the States.
  • Climate Change
    • Whether a natural cycle or human induced severity, as a result, our climate is changing. Changes in our weather are threatening our economy, lives of our citizens, and causing billions in damage. Let’s talk about the solution, not the cause.
  • Pollution
    • Too much plastic, too much waste. Whether you see pollution as a rise in C02 or plastic bottles everywhere, we must move toward a lifestyle which creates far less waste. We can do it and it is easier than you think.
  • Electric Cars
    • Electric cars are not the answer. While electric do not run on fossil fuels, there are plenty of components which still rely on fossil fuels like the tires. In addition, we aren’t ready for the manufacturing and disposal of batteries. We are strip mining our oceans to get the minerals to make the batteries.

Personal Impact & Well-Being

  • Affordable Housing
    • Homelessness can’t go on. At one point in our recent past, shelter wasn’t a privilege. While housing should never be free, we can work at the regional level to find solutions to help everyone have a roof over their head.
  • Income Gap
    • Even the billionaires of our country are growing concerned with the gap between rich and poor; haves and have nots. Income or wealth limits are ridiculous and unconstitutional. We must recognize this country was built on the “American Dream”. Let’s bring it back.
  • Personal Well-Being
    • Everyone has the right and ability to be content, if not happy. With our own stories of life behind, part of our Solution for the future is to promote well-being through exercise, proper diet, and mental health initiatives.
  • Many, many more
    • There are a lot of topics to discuss. From reducing the size of the Federal government to promoting personal well-being and happiness, we seek to help transition to a better world, one region, one topic at a time.

We do not claim to have all the answers. But, we seek to enable a conversation and actions, big and small, at the regional level. We need your help. From making a small donation to contacting your representative to making decisions in your daily life, we can all do our part to move the needle toward a more sustainable global community living with nature.

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