The Regional Transition .Org Mission

Regional Transition .Org is a nonprofit for regional solutions

At Regional Transition, we believe the answer to many issues facing our growing society are found at the regional level, not the national level.

Yup, that means we can solve climate change, homelessness, pollution, and gap in wages, to name a few issues, by recognizing regional differences and developing regional solutions.

Because of differing cultural values, differing climates, and differing resources throughout each state and urban area of the United States, we must recognize one national solution will never be a best fit for everyone. So let the people who know their state, county, city or town the best, solve their own problems.

A few topics Regional Transition takes a stance on:

  1. The Federal Government is too big. State rights must be recognized. The Federal should only help with common protection.
  2. Social media has enabled a communications war. We need to reign in the digital spread of misinformation while protecting free speech.
  3. Electric vehicles are not the long-term answer to reducing pollution. In fact, the more batteries we develop, the more trouble we will be in in a few years. We must transition away from a car based society.
  4. Capitalism does not have the best interest of the country in mind. We must develop an economy which allows growth, but also works in the interest of all citizens.
  5. Many more topics to discuss… stay tuned for more.

We welcome your support on one, two, or more issues. We seek to promote regional solutions to the issues we face. National solutions are not the best for every community. Let’s recognize the regional beauty together.

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